Greetings + quick questions.

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Greetings + quick questions.

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Greetings to everyone! I hope you´re all staying safe and enjoying Wien!

I might be relocating to Vienna for work reasons, however, I have some questions that I would like to know if you can help me.

How much is the net average salary for an entry IT position in Vienna?
How much is the estimate rent in a central area of Vienna? I'm talking about 1 bedroom + bathroom + kitchen + living room. Spacious, but not huge.
What's the most current status of travelling from the Balkan area to Vienna in regards to Covid restrictions?

Welp, that is pretty much all. I'm doing some research on my own on your forum, but I didn't find much related to entry IT jobs. Then I would like to compare this info with whatever you can tell me from your personal experience.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Greetings + quick questions.

Post by morgenhund »

Hi there - Stepstone has a number of average salary infos for IT -

Estimated rent - a lot depends on the district you are in, if you know where you will be working, best approach is to consider outer districts reachable with one change of public transport.

Regarding travel warnings, check out the BMEIA website, although the information is predominantly in German.

Hope this helps.
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