Re-issued Access Vienna Cards Not picked up!

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Re-issued Access Vienna Cards Not picked up!

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Dear All,

The following is a list of Access Vienna Cards which have yet to be picked since our card redesign. These cards have been at Pointers for last 6 months. If you find your card number and username listed below please send me a PM with you real name and address and I will send you your card. If your information does not match the information on file be ready to answer your security question. Any cards not claimed before the 15th of August 2008 will be recycled back into the Access Vienna Card Program.

60000008 Coops
60000010 Indy
60000015 Starstruck
60000022 Wabi
60000026 Pawel
60000027 Tor
60000031 Cherry
60000032 Masoud Assali
60000033 cherrirgdm
60000034 booyybetqone
60000035 andrea
60000037 sidder
60000039 wienbrat
60000041 SteveC
60000043 player3
60000050 Maja
60000053 Yopurai
60000056 mr_tristan
60000057 anton
60000059 thomin23rd
60000062 Horrendus
60000063 nwaters
60000064 Lecy
60000065 No Name On Record
60000067 Slevin
60000077 Sunny_day