GDPR and Privacy

Vienna Expats forums takes the security, privacy and integrity of your data very seriously, and has reviewed what personal data it holds for account holders ("users") as well as what data users may have also provided that can be considered as personal data.
  1. Neither usernames nor avatars are required to contain a plain text version of your name, or in the case of avatars, there is no requirement to use a profile picture that identifies you.
  2. The e-mail address that you sign up to use the PHPBB forums with doesn't need to be an address in a forename.surname format, and user profiles are only visible to users who are logged in.
  3. In the interests of user privacy we have now removed the option for logging in and tethering PHPBB forums logins to social media profiles and have deleted all data associating profiles with social media profiles.
  4. We have removed all dates of birth from user accounts n PHPBB, and new users will not be asked to supply them.
  5. National flags do not require people to prove their nationality, and there is a pirate flag for those wishing not to use a national flag.
  6. We will be contacting users to get them to "opt-in" again to the forums, and advising them that they might have Private Messaging messages that they might wish to delete. Site administrators do not have the ability within the PHPBB environment to read private messages sent between users.
The Right to Forget (or be forgotten):

Previously deleting your account required you to contact a Site Administrator to do so, now we have installed an option in the User Control Paper for logged in users. Obviously we would prefer you not to leave, but can't stop you from leaving, so have decided to make it easier to do so.
  1. If you wish to delete your account, please remember that doing so is permanent and we have no way to restore the data that you choose to delete.
  2. If you've enjoyed using the forums, please consider leaving your posts when you delete your account if you think that they might be helpful to others. Posts by deleted members will be shown with a username "Deleted member XYZ"
Delete my account option in UCP