3rd April Creative Writing On The Go

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3rd April Creative Writing On The Go

Post by Write Now Austria » Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:12 pm

Creative Writing On The Go
For busy people who love to write

More of a boot camp than a workshop, Creative Writing on the Go will show you ways to significantly improve your writing while managing a busy life. You will be challenged to create an unforgettable story with a distinct authorial and narrative voice and unique insights—the kind of winning story publishers yearn to print.
Australian short story writer, Paul Malone will coach you through this “breakout” writing boot camp. You’ll embark on an enchanting writing journey, equipped with guidelines and writing tips, kept in good company with your writing buddies, and bounded only by the boot camp’s generous framework—the essential crucible for your story alchemy.
Boot camp outcomes:
• 2 stories (first drafts)
• 1 revised story ready for editing and potential publication
• Improved writing skills and understanding of the elements of fiction
For beginner to advanced writers, the boot camp includes:
• A creative writing exercise sheet to prime your imagination for the boot camp
• A boot camp briefing in the inspiring spring surrounds of Lainzer Tiergarten*
• Writing guidelines, including prompts and constraints
• A rotational writing buddy system to help you reflect and revise
• A weekly email to keep you on track
• A boot camp debriefing at Nature Park Purkersdorf*
Dates: April 3rd to May 1st 2016
Price: 40€
Booking: http://www.writenow.com (under “Workshop Descriptions”)
See overleaf for an excerpt of the warm-up creative writing exercises.
*All locations readily accessible by public transport

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Re: 3rd April Creative Writing On The Go

Post by wondergirl » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:02 am

I'm taking an exploratory writing course and take help from help with assignment writing I have some genuine an inability to write. The story happens in a basement and includes a group of four. Power has gone out and this is the main place where it's warm and there's some light. It's still a dreadful place however. Something astounding should happen! any thoughts?

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Re: 3rd April Creative Writing On The Go

Post by morgenhund » Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:28 am

Interesting that there is light in the basement...
Vienna is like an Ikea sofa - you know you should upgrade, but why bother when it is this comfortable.

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