Vienna Expat's Barbecue calendar 2013

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Vienna Expat's Barbecue calendar 2013

Post by Tatt » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:10 pm

By popular demand we have decided to publish the barbecue calendar in advance this year so everyone has the opportunity to plan their Spring and Summer weekends!

We have also decide to move our main location because, well, platz 7 is not actually that nice. We have booked place 10 and 11 which are wonderful, open, shaded, close to the river and have excellent bathroom facilities!

The new location is close to the U2 line station Donaustadtbrücke (whereas last year we were close to the U1).

Place 10 and 11 and pretty much next to each other, on the Donau Island by this map: ... 6&t=m&z=16

Sunday 12.05.2013 (place 11)
Friday 24.05.2013 (place 11)
Sunday 14.07.2013 (place 11)
Friday 26.07.2013 (place 10)
Saturday 10.08.2013 (place 11)
Sunday 25.08.2013 (place 11)
Saturday 14.09.2013 (place 10)
Saturday 28.09.2013 (place 11)

Generally the Saturday and Sunday events will start at 13:00, and the Friday events at 16:00 unless otherwise stated.

All good guys, looking forward to another great summer with grill!

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Re: Vienna Expat's Barbecue calendar 2013

Post by Luvbeers » Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:53 pm

Here is BBQ #11 (#10 is just next to the tree by the campfire icon)
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