English speaking Field Engineer with oil&gas experience

Please post here if you are looking for work
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English speaking Field Engineer with oil&gas experience

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Dear all,
I am new here so thank you for patience.

I am coming from Croatia and planning to come to live to Wien asap. I have Italian citizenship as well.

First thing there is that I need to pay my bills so I would work anything.

I have Mag.ing.aedif. degree and if I could choose I would definitely work for any green energy projects.
I worked in oil&gas company(Saipem, Eni group) and if you know someone in that business sector that hires I would much appreciate the info.

The biggest problem is my basic German language knowledge but it is improving every day.

Thank you all for help.
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Re: English speaking Field Engineer with oil&gas experience

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Hi Etjen,

I believe TAG GmbH is hiring; they operate the gas pipeline between Vienna and Italy; they are italian owned and the working languages are Italian and English.
http://www.taggmbh.at/AllsiteTAG/Conten ... geId=35370

According to the website they are only looking for in house IT consultant at the moment, but I don't believe that - I would suggest to send them your professional CV and ask which positions they have available for your experience.

There are lots of jobs with international companies here which are fully in English, it should not be too difficult to find something interesting with your background.

This is a decent job search site

Good luck!
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