Work experience: Selling Assistance, Merchandiser, Stock Advisor

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Work experience: Selling Assistance, Merchandiser, Stock Advisor

Post by James+ » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:56 am

Hey guys,

hope you can help me finding a good job here in Austria/Vienna. I´m an american citizen moving back to Vienna/Austria to live here with my wife and stepdaughter... I´m still in the progress to get the * Aufenthaltstitel Familienangehöriger*, but it seems to look great to get it.
I´m looking for a job. I had been working over 27 years as a selling assistance, stock advisor, merchandiser... I´m a veteran from the US Army and was situated in Wiesbaden since 2017, after i decided to move back to Florida. I worked for AAFES, Tax free, also for Goodwill in Florida... But now i want to live here in Austria. I could also be a merchandise driver, it wouldn´t bother me. I´m very friendly, honest, loyal and i would do every work that would give me some income.


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