Changing car tyres

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Changing car tyres

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It's about this time of the year again, when it's good to change to winter tyres.

Here are some useful tips for expats new to Austria about general regulations & places where you can get it done cheap:

In Austria there is no obligation in general (Winterreifenplficht) to have winter tyres on. But the law says it depends on winter conditions - this means, if there is snow or ice on the road you are required to have winter tyres on! Otherwise you risk a hefty fine. The law does not specify the amount of snow or ice on the road, so be careful here.
To be considered proper winter tyres they need to have the snowflake symbol on them, better known as "3PMSF" symbol and the "M+S" branding (be aware just M+S is not enough to be considered a winter tyre). You can also drive on all season tyres, but they also need to have the "3PMSF" and the "M+S" branding on them.

So where can you get your tyres changed and balanced for a good price? There are lots of shops, but they usually will charge you quite a sum for it 80-120 Euros. I've even seen John Reifen in the 5th district wanting 160 Euros, insane price!

I have found a nice place through (the best classifieds platform in Austria, check it out!) that does only tyres, nothing else.
They are called Reifen Benjamin, located on Perfektastrasse 86-88/24 in 1230 Vienna. You have to drive behind a couple of warehouses, because this is the industrial part of town. It looks a little shabby, but they are legit and do a great service. They are a couple of very nice young Romanian guys, I've been using them for 2 years now and as far as I know they are the cheapest in town. (They charge 12,50€/tyre for changing, balancing and new valves for rims up to 17 inch, 18 and above cost a little bit more).
:!: The best is that you don't need an appointment, you just go there and wait your turn! :!: They stay even after business hours, when there are lots of people. Just don't go there on Saturday in winter tyre changing season, you could have to wait for an hour or more :wink: Payment is only in cash. They also offer a storage service for tyres, but I haven't asked how much it costs, since mine are stored in my basement (shouldn't be too pricey though).

They are open:
Mon-Fri 9-17h, Sat 9-13h (they usually stay a little longer, if there are customers around to be serviced - They don't have the typical Austrian attitude now it's closing time, so come again tomorrow! Very nice and polite gentlemen)

Here are the links to their website:

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