Seeking IT help and advice

Help with installing Windows 7 ultimate software.

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Seeking IT help and advice

Post by Averyius » Sat Mar 02, 2019 9:04 pm

I am a native English speaker and long time resident of Vienna and a regular attendant of our Summer barbecues. Although the same regulars go to the BBQ´s for years and are friendly with each other, it has not been possible to actually make real friends who give you their phone number and who are actually useful for different things. I am currently building a new computer (tower pc) with Ryzen 5 processor, SSD and msi B450M Pro VDH V2 motherboard. I want to continue using the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system but with the latest (2018) upgrades. I have tried to download W7 to a bootable stick / flash drive (as it is no longer possible to buy a W7 CD / DVD disc to boot from the disc drive and have no burner. Apparently this is possible. On the internet it is supposed to be possible to download free an iso disk image of the W7 which I have done from Softonic and using software called rufus.akeo but instead of a disk image or icon, I only ever get a VLC player traffic cone icon as a .iso file. Does anyone know if this is just as good? Can anyone help me to install W7 on my SSD? Perhaps someone can phone me and give me advice: 0681 20 59 52 69. my name is John.

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Re: Seeking IT help and advice

Post by morgenhund » Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:52 am

Seeing the traffic cone icon for iso files makes me wonder whether you have assigned iso files to VLC by mistake. Am sure there is a way to unpack an iso file to a USB stick.
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