Moving from US - what is worth it to bring?

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Moving from US - what is worth it to bring?

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Hi everyone. I am excited to be moving to Vienna for work. My new employer is providing some monetary relocation assistance but I don’t want to ship things unnecessarily/that are super expensive but also don’t want to repurchase too many items. Does anyone have suggestions about what to bring vs what to acquire when I get there? Similarly, anything you’ve found difficult to get that you wish you would have stocked up on and brought with you?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Moving from US - what is worth it to bring?

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I'd stock up on meds that you need (Advil etc.) that are not common here. A lot of electrical goods I'd not bother bringing as there are different voltages - maybe a laptop with an English keyboard. If you have winter gear, here it gets below freezing but in Vienna it'll never be 25 below for weeks.
Vienna is like an Ikea sofa - you know you should upgrade, but why bother when it is this comfortable.
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