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Anyone else also looking for a flat to rent ?

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:51 pm
by Haemoglobbin
Hello everyone !
Is there anyone else who is also looking for a flat with moving in in January ? Would be great to find someone who is currently dealing with the same issue. Let´s help each other and perhaps also become friends :)

Or if anyone feels like offering their helpful advice, I can teach Czech / chemistry / first aid in return :-))

Re: Anyone else also looking for a flat to rent ?

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 2:48 pm
by ChrisS
Hi Haemoglobin

I'm moving to Vienna on 20 January for 3+ months and found myself a flat on It shows which flats can be used to register as a primary address with the municipal authorities (Wohnsitz anmelden), which was very useful.

It wasn't cheap though – the website adds a substantial charge to the first month's rent, but after that, you pay the owner directly, so you don't have to pay the charge again if you want to extend your stay.

Get in touch if you fancy a beer/coffee later this month – I know Vienna well, as I have family connections there.