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Bramish England
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Re: Argh

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Christ. Just had to spell out my name over the phone.

- "Colebrook. C-O-L-E-B-R-O-O-K"
- "Ummm... one more time please."
- "C-O-L-E-B-R-O-O-K"
- "So, S-O-L...."
- "No, C-O-L..."
- "OK. S-O-L...."
- "C-O-L!"
- "I'm sorry?"
- "C! C-O-L..."
- "L-O-C?"
- "C-O-L!!!"
- "S-O-C..."
- "C! O! L!..."

It became a bit of a farce by the end. Sure, my German's not perfect but I can get the bloody letters right! Then I had to give my address and she asked me which city Wien was in. You just asked for my city. I said Wien. That's the city! I hope there isn't a small town somewhere in Austria called Siebzehnter Bezirk otherwise I'm not getting my new E-Card.
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Re: Argh

Post by Nikarie »

Started learning how to write like an analyst today. Not sure I will ever forgive myself.
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