Please read before posting an event!!!

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Please read before posting an event!!!

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When posting a new event, please ensure that the original post contains all the necessary information to allow people to attend your event i.e.:

Subject: Date - Event title and location

Please note when entering the date, the format DD MMM YYYY should be observed followed by a space, a hyphen and another space for the event to show on the front page of the site:

:grin: Right: 10 Feb 2010 - Book Swap @ Pointers

:cry: Wrong: 10th February 2010 - Book Swap @ Pointers (wrong date format)
:cry: Wrong: 10 Feb 2010 Book Swap @ Pointers (no hyphen after the date)

When (Date and Time)
Where (Location)
What (What will happen at the event - this helps people make up their mind whether they want to attend or not, without forcing them to read the whole thread)
How Much (Is there a cost involved with the event? If so how much?)

When posting an event do not automatically assume that people will know where the location is, or that they will know people there - so ensure that they can find the group and don't feel excluded by implying they should know where everything is in Vienna.

Please therefore include:

:arrow: Contact details for the location - Street Address and house number, including the district it is in (for Vienna) or the postcode for places outside of Vienna.
:arrow: A link to the venue's website - if they have one. Otherwise a link to a google map, with the venue on it, so people can print a map if necessary
:arrow: Nearby public transportation routes (and stop name if possible) as applicable
:arrow: If the location is easy to miss, please say what it is next to as well.

Please also include a sign up form if you need to know the number of people attending (e.g. for a table reservation)

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