The millionaire who gave up his category

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The millionaire who gave up his category

Post by WienA » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:44 pm

Austrian Millionaire happier than ever after giving up fortune

A millionaire who gave away all his cash to charity two years ago because it didn't make him happy has told how he's finally found contentment.

Businessman Karl Rabeder, 49 - from Telfs, Austria - sold his business, a luxury Alpine mansion, limos and sports cars, a private plane and donated the cash to a charity that sponsors small loans to customers in the Third World who would never be given cash by a bank.

He now lives on 1,000 GBP a month from fees for talks to businessmen about his new life and is buying a modest home.

"Only now am I happy. If you write down the things that really make you happy and their cost, you will realise what I mean," said Rabeder.

"Love, sunshine, fresh air - those are the things that make me happy," he added.

And he thanked the charity for taking his cash and finally letting him enjoy life.

"Having only a little money makes me happier. Seeing pictures of me back then as a millionaire, I look so miserable," he said.

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