Vienna restaurants complain of increasing losses

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Vienna restaurants complain of increasing losses

Post by morgenhund » Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:57 am ... ing_losses

The gastronomy industry in Vienna, Austria is reportedly under more pressure than ever. According to the chamber of commerce more restaurants are being threatened with closure than ever before as a result of the economic crisis and the implementation of smoking regulations.

Chairman of the gastronomy branch of the Vienna chamber of commerce, Willy Turecek, believes that all food outlets, including cafes, pubs and luxury restaurants will be suffering losses and feeling the effects of these difficult economic times.

According to Turecek and ORF, the increase in the popularity and growth of the Viennese food sector which has been seen over the last ten years, has come to an end. There are currently 359 restaurants fewer than three years ago in the capital. The economic crisis is thought to be responsible for this with particular losses being seen on corporate parties and business dinners.

The smoking ban, introduced in 2009, stipulated that larger restaurants in Austria create smoking and non-smoking areas for diners. This is believed to have also had an effect on the productivity and popularity of several restaurants and along with soaring rental prices may well have led to the closure of numerous food outlets around the capital, Turecek argued.

A study by the Vienna medical association has revealed however that many restaurants appear to ignore the smoking ban completely. Some 14 of 88 restaurants tested did not have a mandatory non-smoking room.

Vienna is like an Ikea sofa - you know you should upgrade, but why bother when it is this comfortable.

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Re: Vienna restaurants complain of increasing losses

Post by Dagnamski » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:48 am

They made a badly written law everybody kind of flaunts.

By trying to help by making a stop gap law before the total ban comes in, they instead made the owners cough up a lot for half baked solutions whilst workers still are surrounded in smoke, the exact reason the law is meant to prevent.

The government does well out of it though.

If I worked in a bar in a smokey room today, I think i'd be very entitled to sue.

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Re: Vienna restaurants complain of increasing losses

Post by chefsmith » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:58 pm

The pub / restaurant trade in Vienna/ everywhere is getting tougher every month.
The price of everything has increased, I mean everything. Every single food product has increased roughly 30 percent in the past 18 months, without that really being passed onto the consumer... yet.
What places are doing instead is using cheaper quality convenience food, usually frozen.
This negates waste as you literally take each portion from the freezer and either microwave and or deep fry. Almost all soups now are made from an MSG beef powder, if you've ever had a real beef soup, I'm sure you can tell the difference.

Its a race to the bottom at the moment, price wise.

If your wallet can stretch the extra couple of Euro, please support the places making food from scratch.... otherwise they'll become extinct. Making food home-made is not cheap anymore ( it never was really)

People in Austria will drive a big fancy car to a cheap restaurant, people in France drive a shit car to a nice restaurant :mrgreen:

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