Little Ashes

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Little Ashes

Post by _kat_ » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:52 am

Just finished watching this movie. I am of two minds about it. Let me start from the very beginning:

The movie is basically all about the love story between Dali and Garcia Lorca from the moment of their first meeting to the tragic end of Federico Garcia. Robert Pattinson (the oh-so-sexy vampire from the Twilight film)plays Dali and plays him very well. The story tries to explain to a certain extent Dali's future sexual preferences and kinda hints at Lorca being Dali's true love. Obviously there are quite a few sexual scenes of different sexualities - so be warned (my DVD is rated 15, I would def rate it 18 :grin: ).

Now, I used to be obsessed with Dali and this particular portrayal is unexpected but likeable - I am not too sure about Pattinson as a Spaniard but the guy playing Garcia Lorca (javier Beltran) is rather to my liking.
This is one of those independent-y movies and you kinda need to know basic facts about Dali to enjoy it to the full. Overall 7 out of 10 as it does go on a bit in some places.


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