Night in a City

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Night in a City

Post by postfuchs » Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:47 am

I just noticed that there is no culture section in this forum. This was the closest I could find, so feel free to move this post elsewhere if you dont think it fits.

Anyway, I thought some people might find the following exhibition of interest, reviewed in this article: ... 19082.html

Night in a City is an exhibition at the Rubicon gallery in Dublin of paintings featuring Vienna. The reviewer in this article praises the artist for creating images through which we can "puzzle over aspects of what we see and... the absence of people in a densely inhabited place". Only "the occasional parked car and illuminated window hints at human presence".

If only the reviewer knew that this is no stroke of imagination on the part of the artist, but rather a pretty realistic description of Vienna most of the time!

More pictures can be seen at: ... tionID=113
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