Health insurance for Anmeldebescheinigung

What is the best health insurance for the Anmeldebescheinigung?

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alicebay Austria
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Health insurance for Anmeldebescheinigung

Post by alicebay » Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:44 pm

Hi everyone,

my husband (British), our 20 month old daughter and I (Austrian) are moving from London to Vienna in September. We will both be unemployed so not automatically insured with an employer. I am told by MA35 that we need appropriate health insurance for my husband's Anmeldebescheinigung and they provide a long and confusing list of possible options. Also, I want to be insured from day 1 so that my daughter is covered in any case. The Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse has told me that it can take anything from 1 week to 3 months to process our application as they first have to write to the UK regarding our insurance history here...

Does anyone have any recommendations for best private health insurance options? Or would it be possible to get my husband onto my co-insurance if I manage to sign up with the WGKK under Selbstversicherung? Would that still qualify for his Anmeldebescheinigung?

Thanks for any help!

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curmudgeon Great Britain
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Re: Health insurance for Anmeldebescheinigung

Post by curmudgeon » Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:08 am

Do you hold an eCard - that should at least cover you from day one. With your little daughter, get one for her in advance if you don't already have one.

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Re: Health insurance for Anmeldebescheinigung

Post by bigdog » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:36 am

Alicebay if your husband is unemployed and doesn't have the eCard, then he may want to look at Care Concept's "Care Austria" policy. ... vilang=eng. It's very affordable and is eligible under the Anmeldebescheinigung.

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