A question about Nebenwohnsitz and 'Daueraufenthalf' status

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Hello lovely expat bloggers:

I studied in Vienna between 2009 and 2014, and am now back for some work. As a freelancer from the UK and with my main 'Lebensmittelpunkt' in London, I am trying to establish how I can retain my freedom of movement post December 31st 2020.

I am about to fill out the Meldezettel for my new address in the 5th District, and wanted to ask an expert:

If I select Vienna as my 'Nebenwohnitz' (with London as my Haupt), can I then apply for the Aufenthaltstitel "Daueraufenthalt EU" after five years?

I presume I can do this as a Hauptwohnsitz, but does this work equally as Neben?

With best wishes and thanks


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Re: Nebenwohnsitz

Post by morgenhund »

Hi George, the issue is a difficult one, and it is not yet clear about how Austria will implement it all (hence why there is until 01.07.2021 to do it all - ie. six months after the end of the transition period). By registering in Vienna as your Hauptwohnsitz, you'll have to prove that you have the means to support living here, and this might be difficult given your self-employed/freelance status. You would not retain full freedom of movement - i.e. the ability to establish and reside in any EU country after the end of the transition period, but could carry on working here subject to getting the necessary paperwork. Having only an Austrian Nebenwohnsitz may prove disadvantageous.
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